Production Plant & Storage facilities         ιν the area of ritsona AVLIDOS

The production unit of Slider

can blend, pack and distribute 16000 tns of lubricants, being the largest independent
blending facility in Greece.

Our modern blending plan

was completed and started production in August 2011, significantly increasing the blending and storage capacity of SLIDER.

  • 15 fully automated-

    computer controlled blenders.

  • 2Grease production line

  • 3Automation bottling/packing

  • 4Company’s trucks / vehicles

    for lubricants distribution

  • 5Advanced laboratory for

    lubricants and greases quality control

  • 630 storage tanks for final products.

We ensure effective control of all significant parameters

Additives exclusively by leading European suppliers. Big storage capacity of Base Oils to ensure availability. Base oils only by leading suppliers.

Full traceability of base oils and additives. Renewed packaging of 1lt, 4lt and 20lt bottles. 

Slider is continuously developing its export activities especially after 2014. The stagnation and small size of the local market have led us to the decision to focus foreign markets to develop the company’s production and sales. We are constantly participating in international sector exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East to promote our products. Our exports sector shows a continuous annual growth in both total sales and production volumes. Our products are shipped to over 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Our goal is that, by 2023, our exports will triple and make up 60% of our turnover.